Welcome to the waiting room of our book publishing urgent care clinic. Here you will find our brochure rack of common author problems and their treatment.
These things aren't just unnecessary; they indicate to me that an author is still focused on meeting their own emotional needs and hasn't thought enough…
Commercial book editors (and readers!) expect authors to play a highly specific role on the page...and authors too often show up to auditions having…
Forget that stupid "put on your own oxygen mask" cliché. Please allow me to turn over your seat-back safety card and point out the TRULY useful metaphor…
This is the single most common, gnarly professional conflict that comes up in book publishing. If you're an author stuck in it right now, here's the…
You must read HOW TO TALK SO KIDS WILL LISTEN AND LISTEN SO KIDS WILL TALK if you want to be a Good Art Friend (and effective publishing communicator).
A story that is literally about some things I dug up in the woods recently but more figuratively about creative success, criticism, trauma, and becoming…
Relational energy is real. Our intimate relationships have a material effect on our cognition, and as such, they can make or break a publishing career.
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How to Glow in the Dark