Editors create profit and loss sheets to quantify authors' platform and market in the present and make projections about the future. Our job is to make THEIR job easy.
Said blessings do not include “the motivation of spite” or “the catharsis of petty dislike.”
Who ISN'T in a terrible mood here at the end of this godforsaken week? Oh, not you, BARBARA? Well, that's just great, you little peppy-ass bit--oh, hi…
Spoiler alert: if you think I'm going to reassure you that you're good or confirm that you're bad, you're going to find this post disappointing.
Understanding a human psyche—our own, others', and our characters'—requires paying as much attention to our negative spaces as we do our conscious…
A festive spring post on faceplanting, failure, mess, and the inevitability of death. 🐰
The uplifting reminder I'm sure you need on top of everything else you had to deal with today.
My thoughts on a common question authors ask (or scream) in the throes of proposal and manuscript development. TL DR: the answer is something you feel…
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How to Glow in the Dark