Welcome to the waiting room of our book publishing urgent care clinic. Here you will find our brochure rack of common author problems and their treatment.
Relational energy is real. Our intimate relationships have a material effect on our cognition, and as such, they can make or break a publishing career.
If you find your executive function overtaxed by stress--or that part of your brain is feeble by nature--I recommend the opposite approach: make tedium…
Hand me a draft manuscript: within minutes, I can generally tell you exactly how the author responds to acute stress. The signs manifest on the page in…
An end-of-year post in memory of Mike Rose, whose final book, WHEN THE LIGHT GOES ON, will publish on February 28, 2023.
I go particularly deep on the publicity one.
Neon is now roughly the same age as Elmo, which tracks with the company's 2022 vibe: gregarious, tender, kind, and growing. Here's the most useful…
TL DR: the strikers' demands are not remotely radical; financing them would not be hard for a multinational corporation to do; I don't believe in…
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How to Glow in the Dark