Here's what agents, editors, audiences, Hollywood types, and just about everyone wants to see more of right now--and how to offer them that value, no matter what you're writing.
It can be agonizingly hard to identify and fix the causes of proposal and/or manuscript unreadiness. At least the symptoms are mercifully easy to spot?
On how to be a good art friend by embodying Big Himbo Energy.
On a genius pitching no-no I learned from James B. Stewart's FOLLOW THE STORY.
In which authors ask us, "what's the next step?", and we reply that it's the sidestep of an answer we're about to give.
Here's what a few of my clients have to say about hawking a book in These Volatile Times--and what they would warn themselves from the perspective of h…
Complaining, requesting, reminding, accepting, apologizing, checking in, backing out, saying no, and other crucial book publishing diplomacy skills.
A guide to adaptation rights, aka "where sanity goes to die"
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