What will I get from this newsletter?

“How to Glow in the Dark” is a newsletter about book publishing, written for authors at all stages of the process: aspiring, #amwriting, querying, submitting, under contract, post-publication, popping champagne, popping Xanax, screaming into a pillow, whatever. The goal is to help authors shine on the shelf and light their own way through what can be a tortuous, opaque industry.

Your authors are the two founding partners of Neon Literary, a literary agency based in NYC and DC. We’re on a mission to secure real power (as opposed to just “empowerment”) for authors who weren’t born entitled to it, in part by demystifying book publishing in all its idiosyncratic, shibboleth-festooned glory. Hence this demystifying newsletter.

Subscribers will get detailed publishing tips every week, delivered directly to their email. You’ll also get full access to our full archive of advice.

In your mind, please visualize this archive as a rack of cheesily-illustrated medical brochures, but for books. “So You are Feeling Inadequate.” “So Your Publisher Won’t Send You on Tour.” Etc.

What am I not going to get from this newsletter?

Subscribing to this newsletter will have NO BEARING on your chances of finding literary representation at Neon Literary, whether with Anna Sproul-Latimer, Kent Wolf, or any current or future member of our staff.

If you try to use a subscription to this newsletter to get around our submissions policy, which you can find here, we will delete your submission without considering it. Don’t be gross.

Although subscribers are welcome to query us alongside everyone else per our guidelines, please don’t even bring up the newsletter if you do. We pre-accept all your compliments in our hearts and therefore do not need to hear them in your query.

Aside from the obvious ethical considerations at play here, we’re keeping this boundary big and bright because the newsletter is more valuable for all parties that way. We can give candid advice and answer your questions honestly here because nobody is trying to schmooze or be schmoozed.

We’re glad you’re here!

Thank you for sharing in our mission to make publishing a brighter, clearer experience for all.


Anna Sproul-Latimer
literary agent / cofounder of Neon Literary
Kent D. Wolf
Inert Gasbag